All non-charter rates are based on the number of seats reserved PER PLANE PER PARTY at the time of booking and are subject to change at any time.

Due to demand, noise and overflight restrictions, we reserve the right to split or combine parties in our 5-passenger aircraft as needed.

Pilot gratuities (tips) are not included in rates and are appreciated.

The Grand Ascent (from Kantishna):

  • $295 per person.
  • 3 passenger minimum & we’ll match you with other guests.
  • Approximately 60-minute tour
  • See more details


Denali Depot Express (Kantishna to/from Denali Park Depot. Weather permitting, fly-bys include a scenic tour of Denali and the glaciers of the Alaska Range):

  • Approximately 55 minutes.
  • Rates from $335 per person
  • Due to demand, we are unable to guarantee private charters on these flights.
  • See more details

Rates are one way PER PERSON PER PLANE based on the number of seats reserved at the time of booking and * include excise taxes and fees.

Flightseeing Tour from Denali Park Entrance area:

  • $399.00 per person and $205.00 children 12 and under.
  • Approximately 60-70-minute tour
  • See more details

Alaska air charter service is available to or from any Alaska destination. Call about our custom excursions to the Arctic Circle, Brooks Range and Photo Excursions. Rates subject to change at any time. 

Charter rates are PER PLANE PER PARTY regardless of the number of passengers on board. Planes can accommodate up to 5 passengers with limited luggage, and weight and space restrictions apply.

Due to scheduling and weather considerations, we reserve the right to combine parties as needed.

Anchorage (Merrill Field): $2195
Fairbanks International Airport: $1560
Talkeetna Airport: $1560
Anchorage to Denali Park Entrance: $2195
Doors-Off Photo Tours: $850 (2-pax maximum)
Other charter rates based on $630/hour
Call-outs: $350

Keep in mind, you can charter flights just about anywhere in Alaska. Contact us for more information.

All rates are PER PERSON, include flight and bus ticket.

Denali Park Day Excursion (DPDE) – Fly/Bus Excursion:


Kantishna Wilderness Trails (KWT) – Bus/Fly Excusion:


Denali Backcountry Adventure (DBA) – Bus/Fly Excursion:

* includes excise taxes and fees.

Please see our dedicated page for Skyline Lodge Rates & Reservations