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Distances in Alaska are vast!  

A short flight through the Alaskan wilderness will offer amazing landscapes you can’t enjoy from the ground and can save hours – often days – of road travel, along with costs of extra nights of pricey accommodations and other ground transfers. Our charter flights to and from Anchorage from Kantishna cost the same amount (or less) for a family of 4 opting to take the train to Denali and then pay for a Denali flightseeing trip during their stay. Let us save you time and vacation funds while making your Denali experience even richer with phenomenal views from the sky!

We offer air taxi services throughout the state of Alaska, with our specialty serving visitors to Denali National Park, the Alaska Range and Denali-based flightseeing. Many of our guests choose accommodations at one of the backcountry lodge destinations located in Kantishna. Below are some of the more common Alaska charter flights Available, and we can customize any flight to include extra scenic air time around Denali.  Keep in mind that air travel is dependent on weather considerations. Information on backup plans if weather does not allow us to fly can be found on our FAQ page.

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IMG_0940_webDenali To / From Anchorage Air Charter: $2,395  Flight Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours.

This flight will save you 9 – 12 hours of ground transport time to and from Kantishna. If weather allows it also will take us through the most spectacular portion of the Alaska range. We will fly right next to the Eastern side of Denali and fly over several glaciers spanning over 30 miles. We will weave through granite peaks and mountain faces that can be as high as 14,000 ft above us. The great gorge of the Ruth Glacier, Don Sheldon Amphitheater, and the Wickersham wall- Denali’s immense North Face may all be available to view on this flight. If our schedule allows, extra time can be added $450 for 30 additional minutes.   


IMG_0872_webDenali To/ From Talkeetna Air Charter: $1,765   Flight Duration: 1 hour

Saves 7 to 10 hours of ground transport. Similar in routing to the Anchorage flight, this awe-inspiring trip features with incredible terrain and glacial expanses.


Denali To/ From Fairbanks Air Charter: $1,765  Flight Duration: 1 hour

Saves 7 to 10 hours of ground transport. This Fairbanks air charter flight will take us due north over the Kantishna hills and traverse the Tanana River Valley, highlighting vast expanses of hills and river valleys.

Due to demand, we reserve the right to combine charters as needed.


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