Statewide custom excursions

Is there a special destination in Alaska you’ve always dreamed of visiting? Our Alaska air charters can take you just about anywhere. We offer Alaska air chargers and day excursions to the Arctic Circle, Manley Hot Springs, coastal Alaska and other popular areas – to name a few. We also offer fly-in hiking for backpackers and aerial photography outings for professional photographers. We can arrange specialty flights from Kantishna or the Denali park entrance. Contact us for more information and prices.


Photo Excursions (Doors Off Flying)

IMG_0992_webThese flightseeing tours are ideal for the professional or amateur photographer looking for a unique photo opportunity. Removing the cargo doors off the Cessna 206 aircraft allows 1 or 2 persons the ability to photograph without hindrance of windows or other obstructions. On your totally customized flight, we will maneuver the plane to allow for the best views and scenery based on your goals, from breathtaking views of glaciers and mountains or the incredible ice walls of Denali itself up close and personal. A full intercom system allows for passengers to communicate with the pilot during the flight. This effective, safe form of photography requires only a few extra precautions. Warm clothes are a must. Multiple layers of clothes, hat and gloves provide protection against the cold experienced at higher altitudes. The wind effect is not noticeable in the aircraft, yet outside air temperatures hover around 10-20 degrees at 11,000 feet throughout the summer season.


$850 per hour (1 hour is enough to circle Denali)

Alaska air charter day excursions to the Arctic Circle, Manley Hot Springs with fly-in hiking and aerial photography possibilities.

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