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Owner and Chief Pilot Greg LaHaie began his life-long love affair with Denali National Park and the Kantishna Valley during the very first of his Alaskan tours in 1986. Awed by the wonder and magnificence of his Denali flightseeing experience, and fueled with the desire to share it with others, Greg created Kantishna Air Taxi, the premier Alaska flying service and Alaska air taxi. What began as a “one-man-and-his-plane” venture in 1992 has grown to a grand scale: Five pilots and a fleet of Cessna 206s, the perfect aircraft for Alaskan scenic air tours, Denali flightseeing, Alaska glacier tours, Alaska air charter and Alaska air taxi services.

After treating visitors to Denali flightseeing tours for 10 years, Greg and his team expanded in 2002, when they opened Skyline Lodge in Kantishna. Located deep in the heart of Denali National Park, Skyline Lodge serves as our summer home and base of operations. Our dedicated ground crew, who share Greg’s love of Denali and his desire to share it with our guests, support our pilots and treat our visitors to an authentic Alaskan adventure. Guests experience the remote beauty of Denali National Park, and then return to a home-cooked meal and a warm, comfortable bed. This unique experience is high-lighted by living side-by-side with true Alaskan bush pilots.

Whether your plans include flightseeing in Alaska, Alaskan adventure tours or Alaska wilderness tours, Kantishna Air Taxi and Skyline Lodge are your home for Alaska tour and travel. We look forward to showing you the best Alaska has to offer!

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  • We would like to thank our long time friends Mark and Chris Reed who fly up often and furnished many great photos on this site. Mark’s Kite company can be found at Prism Kite Technology.
  • Large thanks to Patrick Endres, who helped with photos for this site, and guides photo tours throughout the state: alaskaphotographics.com

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